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Palo Santo Fresh Holy Wood Sticks
Palo Santo Fresh Holy Wood Sticks
Palo Santo Fresh Holy Wood Sticks
Palo Santo Fresh Holy Wood Sticks
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Palo Santo Fresh Holy Wood Sticks

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    Palo Santo Fresh Holy Wood Incense Sticks, Sourced from Ecuador, 4" Long, Certified Ethical Origin, Meditation, Cleansing Energy, Stress Relief, Detox, Relax, Palo Santo Resinous Heart-Wood, Heart Opening, Chakra Clearing, Grounding, Reiki, Altar, Spiritual Practice, Incense

    ✨ PALO SANTO WOOD has been used for centuries for transmuting negative energies into light. When burned, Palo Santo's aromatic resin offers physical healing, deepens meditation, and strengthens the connection to spirit. It's also known to boost emotions and counter depression.

    ✨ For me, the smell of burning PALO SANTO instantly grounds me, lowers my blood pressure and opens up my chest allowing me to breathe easier. Even unburned, the sweet scent of Palo Santo clears my head and lifts my spirits. For those who find the scent of burning sage too strong, palo santo is a great alternative.

    ✨ Popularly Favored Benefits:
    . Relax Body and Mind
    . Natural Insect & Mosquito Repellent
    . Anti-Inflammatory
    . Immune Support
    . Headache Treatment
    . Spiritual grounding and energetic cleansing (I implore you to do your research on the ethnic origins of "smudging" to respectfully understand traditional rituals)

    ❗ The description, uses, benefits, and/or mantra written above are derived from my personal reflection and meditation with this item, as well as, published sources I trust. The benefits of this item are not intended to substitute professional medical diagnoses or prescriptions.

    ❗ Do not leave burning Palo Santo unattended. Make sure the coals are completely out before putting it away. Use in a well-ventilated area and keep away from pets and children.

    Message from my supplier:

    "We collect only naturally-fallen trunks + branches from the dry forests of Ecuador & Perú, where this beloved wood is abundant in nature. We are proudly partnered with a network of native community associations who act as the gatekeepers & stewards of the forest while overseeing the sustainable management & ethical trade of their natural forest resources. Our Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) smudge sticks are gathered in nature, split by hand, and exchanged with Love, by the multi-generational families of the forest to help bring Palo Santo's incredible essence to its innumerable loved ones around the world.

    - Certified Ethical Origin -
    We work alongside environmental agencies such as MAGAP (Ecuador), SERFOR (Peru), & the USDA (US) to support the protection & reforestation of the South American Dry Forests, from which our beloved Palo Santo tree grows its roots. We strive to set the gold standard within our niche industry by promoting responsible sourcing practices, regenerative forestation, ethical labor conditions, and a socially-responsible business model."

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    🏔️ Please remember, each crystal is one of a kind so if you fall in love with a specific piece don't delay in claiming it NOW!

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    Type: Palo Santo

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