How to Participate:

  • Items will be shown one at a time, unless otherwise specified. If you'd like to purchase the item, comment the claim word, example: "Sold $x" or "Mine $x" etc. You MUST include the price (and letter if applicable) in your claim, or it will not count. This will help to avoid confusion due to the 10-second delay on my end.
  • The first claim on MY screen gets the item. Please note: the first claim on your screen may not be accurate as IG gives preference to your own account. I can only go with what I see and am not responsible for attempted claims that are eaten by Instagram. Please do not claim items that have not been shown yet.
  • IG occasionally glitches and may think you're a bot and thus hide or "eat" your comment. If your comments or claims are not coming through, actively participating in the conversation, and including emojis, full sentences, or the words "Don't Block" as you claim can help rectify the situation.
  • Claiming a crystal during the Live Sale is committing to purchasing it. Please make sure you truly want it, and can afford it BEFORE claiming. We DO NOT ALLOW PUT BACKS as it is unfair to us and the other participants of the sale who may have wanted that item but selected another instead.

How to Pay:

  • Orders will be promptly posted in the RESERVED section on by Monday at noon PST for you to complete your purchase.
  • You are free to use AfterPay payment plan. Simply create an account with AfterPay and chose this option at checkout on
  • If you are a new customer, we will DM you for your email address, and will then send your order link directly to the provided email. You are welcome to send us your email address immediately after the sale to ensure prompt invoicing.
  • Payment is due within 24hrs. Please DO NOT abuse this, make us chase you, or push our boundaries. Lack of payment, late payments, and lack of communication can result in being blocked.