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2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform
2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform
2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform
2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform
2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform
2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform
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2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform

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    2.25" Rhodochrosite Polished Freeform, Heart Root Chakra, Selfless Love, Emotional Release, Divine Perspective, Soul Mate Stone, Pink Stones, Reiki Tools, Meditation, Altar Stone, Home Decor


    Stunning color: Red, Pink, White

    Approximate size: 2.25"Lx1.75"W

    Approximate weight: 61g

    Origin: Argentina

    🤟 This listing is for the Rhodochrosite piece shown in the photo above.

    ✨RHODOCHROSITE brings a spiritual perspective to experiences and emotions that especially relating with the love and sexuality. Why? The shades of red and pink correspond with the root chakra, thus the sexual organs associated with this chakra, and the heart chakra, our center of love given and received. The bands of white in RHODOCHROSITE deliver divine understanding and source connection. For these reasons, RHODOCHROSITE is exceptionally good for those who feel unloved or unloveable in that it roots them into belonging and self-love. When one remembers their worth and happily accepts and loves themselves, then the heart can recognize and receive love from others, thus resulting in new relationships.

    ✨ When one works with this stone, they'll find suppressed emotions finding their way to the surface to be acknowledged and released. Those who are healing from sexual abuse can find courage in this stone to process the emotions without self-accusation, denial, or shutting down.

    ✨ GIVE IT A PURPOSE: Perhaps it's my petite stature that has influenced my opinion, but I'm a firm believer that one size does not fit all. This also applies to energetic relationships with crystals. Color, origin, and traditional benefits and uses set a helpful foundation for finding your special crystal companion, but let it be a guiding light and not a rule book. Choose the crystal that catches your eye, get acquainted with how it makes you feel, and create an intention/mantra/affirmation that works for you.

    ❗ The description, uses, benefits, and mantra is written above are derived from my personal reflection and meditation with this item, as well as, published sources I trust. Benefits of this item are not intended to substitute professional medical diagnosis or prescriptions

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