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69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere
69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere
69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere
69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere
69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere
69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere
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69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Sphere

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    69mm Polished Chrysocolla with Malachite Gemstone Sphere, Crystal Grid Essentials, Crystal Ball, Inner Balance, Tranquility, Heart Throat Third Eye Chakras, Desk Decor, Polished Gemstones, Reiki Healing Tools, Communication stone, Empowering Feminine Energy, Dorm Decor, Nursery Accents

    Color: Green, Blue, Turquoise

    Approximate Size: 69mm

    Weight: 1lb. 4.8oz

    🤟 This listing is for the polished Chrysocolla Sphere in the photo


    ✨ CHRYSOCOLLA is a hydrated copper phyllosilicate mineral that ranges in color from emerald green to deep blue. Looking for a stone that closely resembles the depths of the ocean? This is the one! Some Chrysocolla can be found with brown matrix mixed in thus making the stone look much like our beloved planet Earth. So pretty!

    ✨ What are the benefits of CHRYSOCOLLA? The calming and nourishing stone that is CHRYSOCOLLA not only adds beauty to your crystal collection but is also a powerful friend to aid when relationships and communication are a bit rocky (no pun intended). CHRYSOCOLLA helps to wipe your emotional slate clean of guilt, heals heartbreak, makes space for the acceptance of love and joy (Judy Hall, 2003), improves emotional expression, and ignites creativity. Meditate with the stone held at the heart, throat, or third eye. Or place it on your nightstand for a calming night's rest. 

    ✨ What are the benefits of MALACHITE? This mesmerizing powerhouse stone is one that everyone should have and should be handled with care. Its strong vibration draws out negative energies from the body and environment and even absorbs plutonium pollution and radiation (Judy Hall, 2003). Once MALACHITE has cleared the room and cut old ties, get ready to propel forward in life faster than Harry Potter on his Nimbus 2000.

    ✨ GIVE IT A PURPOSE: Perhaps it's my petite stature that has influenced my opinion, but I'm a firm believer that one size does not fit all. This also applies to energetic relationships with crystals. Color, origin, and traditional benefits and uses set a helpful foundation for finding your special crystal companion, but let it be a guiding light and not a rule book. Choose the crystal that catches your eye, get acquainted with how it makes you feel, and create an intention/mantra/affirmation that works for you.
    ❗ The description, uses, benefits, and mantra is written above are derived from my personal reflection and meditation with this item, as well as, published sources I trust. Benefits of this item are not intended to substitute professional medical diagnosis or prescriptions

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