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Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set
Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set
Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set
Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set
Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set
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Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set

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    Exclusive Selenite 3-Piece Cleansing Set, Triangle Selenite Charging Plate, Selenite Ruler, Selenite Diamond-Shape Charm, Selenite Pendants, Reiki Energy Work, Energy Clearing, Crystal Essentials, Must-Have Crystals, Home Decor, Boho Home, Modern Home Decor


    ✨ This exclusive Illuminated Living 3-Piece Cleansing Set is for those wanting to apply the cleansing and healing properties of SELENITE in every aspect of your illuminated life. 

    ✨ What are the benefits of SELENITE? For me, selenite is the Palo Santo of the crystal realm. This may not be a common interpretation, but it's the best way I can describe its purifying effects in my life.

    ✨ This Satin Spar form of SELENITE reflects a silky sheen that makes it illuminate with beautiful, cleansing white light. It's no wonder this stone is used to purify everything and everyone - body, mind, and home. It's also a powerful facilitator in opening the crown chakra and connecting with spirit guides and guardian angels. Simply hold it in your hands or place it on your body during meditation.

    ✨ GIVE IT A PURPOSE: Perhaps it's my petite stature that has influenced my opinion, but I'm a firm believer that one size does not fit all. This also applies to energetic relationships with crystals. Color, origin, and traditional benefits and uses set a helpful foundation for finding your special crystal companion, but let it be a guiding light and not a rule book. Choose the crystal that catches your eye, get acquainted with how it makes you feel, and create an intention/mantra/affirmation that works for you.

    ✨ The set includes:
    (1) Large 6" Triangular Charging Plate for creating a crystal grid, to charge and cleanse your beauty products, or as a pedestal for your favorite crystals.
    (1) Selenite 6" Ruler for crystal healing or charging.
    (1) Selenite diamond-shaped charm with a clasp so it can be attached to pet collars, purses, zippers, and more. 
    Purifying color: White
    ✨ Selenite is an extremely soft stone, with a Mohs score of just 2, be cognizant of its vulnerability to scratching and chipping. Selenite is also water-soluble so keep it away from water or protect it with a single layer of plastic wrap.

    ❗ The description, uses, benefits, and mantra is written above are derived from my personal reflection and meditation with this item, as well as, published sources I trust. Benefits of this item are not intended to substitute professional medical diagnosis or prescriptions

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