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Hand-Carved Purple Orange Labradorite Butterfly
Hand-Carved Purple Orange Labradorite Butterfly
Hand-Carved Purple Orange Labradorite Butterfly
Hand-Carved Purple Orange Labradorite Butterfly
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Hand-Carved Purple Orange Labradorite Butterfly

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    Hand-Carved Purple Orange Labradorite Butterfly, Unique Gemstone Figurine, Psychic Abilities, Protection, Transformation, Crown Chakra, Scorpio, Meditation Stone, Boho Nursery, Kids Room Decor, Bohemian Home Decor, Genuine Labradorite, Gift, Birthday, Mothers Day, Father's Day


    Primary colors: Purple and/or Orange

    Approximate size: 2"W

    Approximate weight: .5 oz

    🤟 This listing is for (1) intuitively selected Labradorite Butterfly similar to that in the photo. The purple and orange color varies per piece.

    ✨ Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation. Their energy reminds us that transformation is inevitable, however, with grace and patience, we will always come through more beautiful and evolved than when we started. Butterfly energy is most helpful for those on their journey to find themselves, who are letting go of ideals and conditions that no longer serve them, and who are establishing new relationships or careers. Change is good! Be kind to yourself, be patient, and follow your joy.

    ✨ LABRADORITE is a magical stone that illuminates from within to display the color of its soul. Labradorite's vibrant flashes of purple, orange, yellow, blue, green and turquoise are reminiscent of peacocks who are proud of their beauty and share their perfection with the world. You'll find that labradorite shines its brightest when it catches the light just right. Let this inspire you to find your light and position yourself in an environment that allows you to shine, befriend those who cheer you on, be proud of who you are, and embrace your exquisiteness.

    ✨ What are the benefits of LABRADORITE? Labradorite is a multi-faceted stone that heals, strengthens, and aids in many different areas. Its ability to strengthen the aura and open the Crown chakra help us uncover and activate our natural connection with intuition and our spirit tribe. Carry this stone during a time of transformation to offer protection of negative influences, clarity, and connection to inner wisdom.
    ✨ GIVE IT A PURPOSE: Perhaps it's my petite stature that has influenced my opinion, but I'm a firm believer that one size does not fit all. This also applies to energetic relationships with crystals. Color, origin, and traditional benefits and uses set a helpful foundation for finding your special crystal companion, but let it be a guiding light and not a rule book. Choose the crystal that catches your eye, get acquainted with how it makes you feel, and create an intention/mantra/affirmation that works for you.

    ❗ The description, uses, benefits, and mantra is written above are derived from my personal reflection and meditation with this item, as well as, published sources I trust. Benefits of this item are not intended to substitute professional medical diagnosis or prescriptions

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    🏔️ Please remember, each crystal is one of a kind so if you fall in love with a specific piece don't delay in claiming it NOW!

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    Category: Carvings, Under $50
    Type: Labradorite Butterfly

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